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Subject :# #14206 Literatura Anglesa i Discurs Polític –  grup A

Student´s name: Contreras Fernández, Ana Ruth

Title of the paper: Revolution Gone Sour In Animal Farm

Author or topic: George Orwell


Is Orwell´s Animal Farm still relevant in today´s society? Can we learn from the analysis drawn from this Revolution? Is Revolution doomed to fail? These are some of the questions that the reader is left with after reading the political fable Animal Farm.

Animal Farm alludes directly to the events, and key figures of the Russian Revolution. However, the fact that the story is told in the manner of a fable, and that no direct reference is made to any country or person renders this tale universal. However, if we keep this in mind, we can appreciate Orwell´s harsh criticism towards the Stalinist forces which were now ruling the Soviet Union. This will be further discussed in the introduction to this essay.

Criticicing the Soviets didn´t win him any favors, and Orwell´s Animal Farm was even turned down by his own publisher Victor Gollancz. Orwell was a critic of the Left from within, and this didn’t particularly amuse his liberal allies, especially at the time of a wartime alliance with the Soviet Union.

This essay will try to analyse the process by which the Revolution in Animal Farm failed, and the corruption of power and ideals that its failure entailed. Orwell believed in a Revolution to make the world a better place, however, he is bitter towards its collapse. By analyzing the process described in Animal Farm, we should be able to conclude, according to Orwell, the reasons why a Revolution is doomed to fail.

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Academic year 2011/2011

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